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The Full Story About

Cassadaga Haunted Attraction

CHA got its start in 2015. We are a "mom & pop" haunt ran by our owner DJ Lane & our co-owner Kimberly Jost. This will be our 8th year bringing you many jumps & scares from our crazy themes we make and build. We can't wait to show you our Brothers Grimm haunt this 2023 season!



Most of you know me by Spazz, but on a normal day, my name is DJ. I’ve been haunting for over 15 years. Started out in Texas working,

for Alan Hopp's at Terrain of Terror. Moving on to Hatch and

Kravens slaughter house where I got into set design and building.

Then moving onto A Petrified Forest (Our sister haunt in Altamonte) where I helped develop training classes, building, prop making and helped a lot of people develop their own characters. Then while being the Executive Chef for Sinataras inside the Cassadaga Hotel having I was offered the chance to run a haunted attraction inside the hotel. 


I started off alone, then developed a wonderful team and got extremely lucky bringing on Zozo; It would not be the haunt it is without everything she has helped do. With a very supportive wife and family we have been able to turn this into an amazing show every year. Growing getting bigger and better every year.



Hi, I'm Zozo the fearless demon of the ouija board...I overtake Kim during the haunt season. I started haunting in 2016 at Cassadaga. I always wanted to be a scare actor and I saw a post for auditions and took a jump. Never did I think it would lead me to developing a character and building her over the years to what she is today. When I met DJ (Spazz), I had no clue on what I was doing. He taught me so much over the years which proceeded in him asking me to partner with him in running the Cassadaga Haunted Attraction. On the daily, I am a full time film maker and photographer. So I truly have a passion for set design and making dreams come to life. 

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