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What is the theme this year?

Brothers Grimm!
Disney stories with many twists and turns is all we can say for now.


How do I get tickets?

you can buy tickets at the door, or at the link below! 

Online Ticket Sale


Where do I park?

Surrounding the hotel & also at Colby Park which is a short walk to the hotel. 

Areas in yellow are safe to park!


Do the monsters and gremlins touch you

Not intentionally


Do you operate rain or shine?

None of the monsters are made out of, the rain won't stop us!


Discounts? Group Rates? Kid's Rates? Refunds?

We price our admission accordingly so that everyone can enjoy without breaking the bank. 
And sorry, no refunds - no exceptions.


Is there a dress code? Can I wear my costume?

Yes & no -
you're going to be walking through a hotel, as well as through the grass & woods.
Please avoid open toed footwear, and heels.
For the safety of others, leave your guns, swords, knives and oversized costumes at home. 
​You will not be permitted to bring any of the above mentioned into our event.
​Hats off and cell phones in your pockets when you enter the haunt


Age Restrictions?

While we do love the tiny humans, all children under the age of 13 must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

Our show is rated PG-13 but that does not mean that the younger audience is not permitted - they are!
If you think they're too young (or just not ready) bring them to our Kids Day (October 29th) where they can experience the haunt with our unmasked monsters handing out candy.

All proceeds from kids day go to "Haunters With Autism"!


Kids Day? What is that?

So Kids day is October 29th from 12-4pm.
We have a bounce house, trunk or treat, face painting, games and more! The kids even get to go through the haunt, and trick or treat with out unmasked monsters!
All proceeds go to Haunters with Autism. One of our very own littles has autism and we want to give back to the community!

The evening will be special needs night - if you have someone who is interested in going through, but is looking for a light or medium scare, this night is for you. Even for the ones that may take a little more time then normal to walk the trail, please don't hesitate to come out on this night!


Black out night is exactly what?

We are hosting not 1, but 2 black out nights this year. Your group will be given glow sticks. You have to adventure through the haunt with only the light of your glow stick. Now this may seem easy, BUT, some of the monsters are allowed to steal your only bit of light and lightly touch you to terrorize you even more...
*Waivers will be required for this night*


Will there be psychic’s available for readings?

Always! Every Psychic does have their own pricing list.


What else is there in the area?

There are shops around the hotel. We will have vendors, there is a restaurant in the hotel, as well as ghost tours that you can book and other haunts nearby!

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