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“What an amazing house, went through it just the two of us and they scared the s*%# out of us!!! You should def check it out!!! THANK YOU!"

La Parez

Jeanne Bushlow Osgood

Hands down the best haunted house experience! The house had a lot of twist and turns and you never knew what was lurking around the corner!! can't wait for next year. The group of teenagers we brought are still talking about.

Heather Painter

Absolutely loved!! I love that they randomly come into the line while you’re waiting. I love that only your group walks through verse being in a long line of people. I screamed so many times! Fun environment, great actors! If you’re thinking about it, GO!

Mell Bell

Can't wait to see what they do next year! It was surprisingly good...way bigger than it looked and definitely worth the wait. The kind of haunted attraction you don't see much of anymore.
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